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TSRgrow is an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of LED lighting and power management solutions for indoor and greenhouse cultivation. With over ten years of experience in the cannabis industry, we work with clients to deliver horticultural solutions that help take your grow to the next level.


As industry veterans, we understand that growing is about much more than just lighting. Achieving a profitable, successful grow requires a comprehensive approach, which is why we developed our industry leading TOTALgrow Solution.


Working with clients across North America and beyond, we deliver customized growing solutions that fit the needs of your business. Our growing specialist provide one-on-one support to help you leverage our technology to maximize yields at the lowest possible operating cost, while maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.


Our growers are serious about using the most advanced growing technology available and that’s why they come to us. From sketching out your first building or modeling your expansion, to developing a plan to transition your grow to LED lights, we’re invested in your success.


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As the legalization and practical uses of cannabis expand globally, the demand for high-quality medical and recreational cannabis related products is increasing rapidly. As a result the sophistication required to produce the best, safest, and most competitive and profitable products is evolving.

Powering Your Horticultural LED Lighting System

Energy costs to power your indoor horticulture lighting and maintain ideal environmental conditions can be excessive without proper control. Installing Remote Power Servers to monitor and manage lights and sensors in your grow will significantly help affect your margins.

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Saving energy and growing your bottom line go hand-in-hand. It is important to invest the time to learn how and how much you might earn and how to best maximize your energy-efficient practices. learn more about energy rebates. TSRgrow is here to help.

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